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Sunday, October 05, 2008

loss of history..

so i had my ipod stolen along with other important items in a suitcase.

it was one of the 2nd or 3rd generation ipods and pretty much all my music collected from 2003-06 are gone..

of course it's only data, but also a history of music collected from individuals and personal music interests then.

to me, it reflects a past and particular moment in time.. and to re-collect would be meaningless and also impossible. one can say the quality of the files from that time could have some form of collectable value in the future. it is a relic forever lost.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Like many things, the meat of the stories always comes at the beginning and the end. So like the beginning of my writings, I will have a series of posts illuminating certain points and aspects of these past two years. So please excuse the silence for the past 9 months. It was a slow process of breaking out and being born again in a world that should seem familiar, but is not .. entirely.

Please bear with me, it may take some time to gather my words. Highlights may include: Year of Glory 2008 - China & Olympics, chinatown phenomenon, Chinese appreciation: 'brotherhood', secret pop stars, Hong Kong art struggles and future?, the effects of noise: tinnitus, Vast global change: the world I don't know anymore, Anglo privilege, the return and re-entering of a Western society...

stay on your balls.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

2pi festival 07, hangzhou, 25 November

This festival almost didn't happen this year. Only a couple weeks before was the information released and the festival was confirmed.

I booked my flight and flew out to Shanghai a few days later and then bussed to Hangzhou not more than 2 hours away. I was not about to miss it again this year.entering the room with Torturing Nurse - Shanghai's makers of Noishanghai. She nominally prefers to perform naked with candles in her ass.

Walnut Room (beijing). combination of two saxophone and guitar musicans. free jazz sax + ravaged guitar. one of my personal highlights.

solo set by member of local noise band D!O!D!OD!O! though laptop performances are never the most thrilling, this performance was short sweet and dynamic in sound.
This is a band called 10, a Japanese/Korean duo. They came to Hangzhou with no money to return. With no knowledge of Chinese and minimal knowledge of English, they hope to hangout until they find the cash to go home. how punk.

more to come soon..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


white noise / videotage / loudspkr presents

張惠笙 Hui-Sheng Chang (TAIWAN) / 姚仲涵 Chung-Han Yao (TAIWAN)
Nigel Brown (Australia) / 王仲堃 Wang, Chung-Kun (TAIWAN)

Date : 22th Nov 2007
Time : 8:00p.m.
Venue : KLUUBB
Address: 14/F, Footak Building, 367 Hennessy Road, WanChai, Hong Kong
香港灣仔軒尼詩道367號富德樓14樓 t. +852 8171 7211
HKD$ 70 DOOR ONLY (Incl. one drink)
Enquiries : 25910499, 95706617 or whitenoise@netvigator.com, info@loudspkr.org

Artists Information:

張惠笙 Hui-Sheng Chang (TAIWAN)

人聲延伸技巧 即興表演

Extended Vocal Technique improvisation.

In a language other than speaking or singing, the voice present itself with strange yet intimate sound.

www.huishengchang.com | www.myspace.com/12dogcycle

姚仲涵 Chung-Han Yao (TAIWAN)



的 空隙。

The gap between the points of departure and destination.

Nigel Brown (Australia)


For the performance at KLUUBB Nigel will be in accordion and laptop mode, processing the instrument's breath and tone to create sparse rhythms and drones.

www.myspace.com/12dogcycle | www.mimicmass.com

王仲堃 Wang, Chung-Kun (TAIWAN)

Sound of Bottles 07’

Motor, pip, bottles, water, air compressor, laptop

這是一個名為「Big Bang」- 一百個發聲的理由的計畫。試圖逆向行走在數位化的電子聲響的路上,找尋存在物理間的聲響製造。

Sound of Bottle 即此計畫的第一件作品。

‘Big Bang’ is a series of work that investigate 100 reasons to create sound. Trying to find physical methods for sounding in existing objects in response to the digitalised electronic sound.

‘Sound of Bottle’ is the first work of this series.

http://wangchungkun.blogspot.com | http://lsf-tw.blogspot.com/2006/09/blog-post_7643.html


Organized by White Noise
Venue Sponsored by Kluubb
Supported by Loudspkr and Videotage

whitenoiserecords.org | www.myspace.com/whitenoiserecordshk | loudspkr.org | kluubb.tk | videotage.org.hk

Thursday, October 11, 2007

neu noise @ Epöch :: SAT 13 OCT

This month's guest is Digilick from Hong Kong's micro-party night HeadRoom who will be spinning electro-rock and DJ Thelonica spinning funk&hiphop.

HeadRoom: www.myspace.com/headroomhk

Music provided by:

Kawaki (White Noise Records)
Elle Est ChiNoise (LOUDSPKR)

special guests:

DJ Thelonica

Saturday October 13, 2007
Epöch : 12-14 Wing Fung Street, Star Street Precinct, Wan Chai (Admiralty MTR exit F)
** free entrance

8pm - close

RSVP: info(@)loudspkr.org

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sounds Like Suomi in CN

Sounds Like Suomi - Finnish Electronic Music Tour

NO+CH festival - China

Festival of Nordic artists in China
organized by State of the Art promotions

Started in 2006, Sounds Like Suomi brings Scandinavian music to China through the NOTCH festival, creating a platform for the gathering of Nordic and Chinese artists in China. The festival aims to help bring Scandinavian artists to China as well as introduce the emerging community to new Scandinavian music.

2007 festival highlights include: finnish folk queen Islaja (fonal), Susanna & the Magical Orchestra, electronic/minimal acts Luomo, Vladislav Delay and MI NI MA.

Islaja will be coming to Hong Kong as a side track of the tour on Oct 3rd @ Le Rideau. (brought to you by: White Noise Records)

NOTCH will be in Guangzhou Oct4, Beijing Oct5, Shanghai Oct6/7.

for festival details: www.soundslikesuomi.com
- schedule -


This is another example of the increasing international curiosity in China in not only their market, but their cultural developments.

Here is an interview with Jon Campbell, promoter in Beijing, that I happened to meet once before over a year ago, discussing the music and cultural scene in China.

Interview w/ Jon

The cultural scene in China still very premature, but the growing economy and international assistance that China is recieving is giving the country great exposure and leverage in its development. It is becoming a place that attracts people as a place for its culture.

This is a bold move to step into China with such new musics, especially from a narrow genre as Finnish electronic music. The musical acts are great, the festival seems well organized and funded, but is there an audience for it in China? Is China ready?

Another example of foreign cultural interest is - Berlin-China-Bridges presented by DMY - Internationale Design Ausstellung who came by Hong Kong not too long ago. "What Makes Shanghai Addictive?" is a recent expo in Berlin that features new and upcoming artists and designers from China.

Despite the world's eagerness, it seems that China is not at the point culturally that many may expect. Perhaps everyone is anticipating too much a little too soon.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

neu noise > adhoc event w/ performance by Samson Young + Chris Lau

This month's adhoc/guerrilla event brings a performance by artist, composer and media artist SAMSON YOUNG & CHRIS LAU.

2 laptops, no hands, intensely poetic multi-media.


Music provided by djs: KAWAKI (White Noise Records) and ELLE EST CHINOISE playing post-punk/funk, neu wave, no wave, electro, noisepop, psych/prog..

Epöch : 12-14 Wing Fung Street, Star Street Precinct, Wan Chai
(Admiralty MTR exit F)
** free entrance

8pm - close


performance (video + sound) : SAMSON YOUNG + CHRIS LAU

RSVP : info@loudspkr.org



SAMSON YOUNG's expressive palette often involves music in combination with such diverse media as installation art, video art, poetry and prose. He is completing a Ph.D in music at Princeton University.

SAMSON YOUNG's music received performances from Bang on a Can, City Chamber Orchestra, Coruscations Ensemble, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Network for New Music, New Millennium Ensemble, NOW Ensemble, NEWSPEAK, Sydney Song Company and TACTUS. Recent festival participations include the 11th Sydney Springs International Music Festival, Young Composers' Salon (2000); Cattle Depot Arts Festival, Hong Kong (2003); Le French May Arts Festival of Hong Kong (2004); Bowdoin International Music Festival (2004); Microwave International New Media Festival (2004); Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival, USA (2005); Musicarama Contemporary Music Festival, Hong Kong (2005); Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (2006).

SAMSON YOUNG has also been a composition fellow at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Atlantic Centre for the Arts. In 2007, he became the first/ Bloomberg Emerging Artist/, along with his long term collaborator Christopher Lau.

CHRISTOPHER LAU completed his degree in Mathematics from Brock University of St. Catherine, Canada, and later on returned to Hong Kong where he completed his Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. He mostly works with moving images, human-computer interfaces, and in cross-disciplinary collaborative situations.

CHRISTOPHER LAU's independent and collaborative projects have been presented locally at the Microwave International Media Art Festival (2002 & 2004, HK), New Vision Art Festival (2004, HK), Jumping Frames and Our Voices, Le French May (1004 & 2007, HK). Overseas presentations include Sydney Film Festival (2003, AUS), Island Art Film & Video

Festival (2005, UK), FRAME International Dance-Vídeo Festival (2005, Portugal), Asolo Art Festival (2005, Italy), (Festival Internacional de Videodanza, Uruguay, 2005), and video work at the Central Museum
Utrecht (2007).